Chromebook Forms

  • DCOP-Donovan Chromebook Ownership Program Form 
    Click the link above to download the DCOP Form.

    Parents choosing option #1 will pay $50.00 a year for their child to use of the Chromebook on a daily basis from August to May of each school year.  All devices are updated and reconfigured for school use during summer the months. After paying $50.00 a year for four years (Starting at any grade level) the student will own their Chromebook outright.  At that time a new Chromebook will be issued to the student for another 4 year term if the student enrolls in the DCOP option again. Please see DCIP option if not enrolling again.

    This option includes the Chromebook Insurance for the school year at no extra cost.

         If the student has not been enrolled for four full years, and the family is moving out of the district permanently, the parents will have the option of paying off the remaining balance of the Chromebook and owning the Chromebook. If not, the Chromebook will remain the property of the school district and be issued to another student. The purchase price of each Chromebooks is $200.00. Parents must pay the full $200.00 prior to owning the students Chromebook. The DCOP option comes with the four year Accidental Damage Insurance Policy included in the overall cost. Please see the Master Warranty Agreement for policy coverage and details.

    Chromebook Ownership Procedure:

    Once payment is made in full for the purchase price (200.00) of the Chromebook, the Donovan   IT department will restore the Chromebook to the factory default settings and turnover all accessories including the AC adaptor so the student can take the device home at the end of the four year period.

         A Chromebook ownership form will be signed by the student and district office personnel for inventory and insurance purposes before the Chromebook can be released. The school-owned Chromebook license for each of these devices will be null at the end of the four year period.

  •  DCIP-Donovan Chromebook Insurance Program Form
    lick the link above to download the DCIP form.

    Parents will pay an  annual insurance premium on their child’s Chromebook. The annual cost is $25.00 per child per year. This cost is to ensure that during daily transport back and forth to class or school that the Chromebook is protected from accidental damage. With this option, students will NOT take ownership of the Chromebook after four years. The Chromebook remains the property of CUSD#3.

    Parents can choose to purchase Insruance for multiple school years and save money in the long term. See discounted insurance prices below:
    1 Year Insurance Premium Option-$25.00
    2 Year Insurance Premium Option-$45.00
    4 Year Insurance Premium Option-$80.00


    Chromebook Warranty Information