Classroom Rules

  • Kindergarten Classroom Rules

    1. Be Respectful

    2. Be Responsible

    3. Be Productive

    4. Do not hurt anyone on the inside or the outside


    Kindergarten Classroom Consequences


    The result of a student getting their "clip" moved up or down to the different colors will be the following:

    Pink "Role Model":  A trip to the treasure box

    Purple "Great Day":  Hip Hip Horary from the whole class

    Blue "Good Day":  Verbal praise

    Green "Ready to Learn":  Every Student will start their day here

    Yellow "Reminder":  1st warning/No sticker

    Orange "Time out":  2nd warning/5 minutes off recess/no sticker

    Red "Consequence":  3rd Warning/ 10 minutes off recess

    Parent Contact:  Parent will be called, and/or trip to the Principals office.

    *Depending on severity of behavior, steps can be skipped.