• Chromebook Warranty Information Explained

              Donovan CUSD3 Chromebook Warranty Agreement

    Warranty Period: Device specific. Please see parent purchase order form for coverage dates. Coverage will begin in the month of August after device has been issued to the student and parents have signed the DCOP or DCIP contracts.

    Devices Covered: Only District purchased and issued Chromebooks are covered under the TRA provided Insurance. A district Insurance form that includes make, model, serial number, asset tag (building), and usage type (stay in school or take home). If a device usage type is switched from stay in school to take home, the district must immediately notify TRA and provide serial number list as additional fees may apply for coverage.

    *Note: Support will not be provided for devices not on submitted serial number list.


    What is Covered: Coverage supplements and extends any existing manufacturer warranty to include hardware failure and/or accidental damage that causes the unit to not operate properly.


    What is Not Covered: AC adapter, Battery , Cosmetic issues including scratches and dents

    Damage caused by malicious intent, Damage caused by natural disaster , *Lost device (unless specifically requested), Software support , *Theft (unless specifically requested)


    1. The Agreement’s Accidental Damage Protection covers parts, replacement, and labor costs arising from any of the following:
    2. Damage resulting from unexpected or unintended events, such as dropping the device;
    3. Damage resulting from liquids coming into contact with the device;
    4. Hardware failure resulting from, for example, internal dust and overheating, power surges, and defective screen pixels; and
    5. Normal wear and tear resulting from device manufacturer’s intended use of the device.
    6. Warranty coverage expires on the specified date as listed on the parent purchase invoice for the associated school district.
    7. Replacement parts or devices may either be new or rebuilt to meet the original device’s manufacturing specifications. If the school district determines, in its sole discretion, that the device at issue cannot be repaired, The school district will replace the device with a device that is of like kind, quality, and performance. Technological advances may result in a replacement device having a lower market value than the original device. The Agreement will cover the replacement device until the Agreement’s expiration date.


    1. The Agreement’s Accidental Damage Protection does not cover damage resulting from any of the following:
    2. Using the device in a manner other than that intended by the manufacturer;
    3. Willful acts of abuse or misuse of the device;
    4. Unexplained damage;
    5. Lost or stolen devices; or
    6. Damage due to war, nuclear incident, acts of terrorism, fraud, fire, or theft.

    7. For any single service request, the limit of liability under the Agreement is the lesser of the cost of repair or replacement.


    1. When a replacement device is required, the total liability under the Agreement is the current market value of the original device, as determined by TRA, which shall not exceed the purchase price of the original device.



    1. The terms of the Agreement pertain only to the original parties to the Agreement. This Agreement may not be transferred to another owner of the device.