• desk Our Classroom Behavior Plan


    Our behavior plan is in place to ensure that we have a safe, healthy learning environment in our classroom.  It is important that students know the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Following the list of rules is a sure-fire way to have a great day! 


    SWAG TICKETS will be handed out for a variety of good behavior including returning homework and notes on time, signing planners, bringing all supplies to class, having a clean desk, and general good behavior throughout the day.


    Students will start with their name in the +5 section of the magnetic behavior chart.  Their name will move to different areas of the chart as rules are broken.  The following is a list of rewards and consequences:


    Name on Chart Never Moves..... Great Day!!!  (+5 SWAG tickets)

    1st Move.....  earn 4 tickets

    2nd Move..... earn 3 tickets

    3rd Move..... earn 2 tickets

    4th Move..... earn 1 ticket


    I am expecting great behavior from the class, however if there is a student who cannot seem to get behavior under control following this plan an alternate plan will be put into place.