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    3rd - 5th Grade Late Homework Policy


    • Any assignment not turned on time will be counted late and a “Late Homework Note” message will be sent through ClassDojo.


    • Students will not use class time to finish late homework. They can work on it during recess or study hall.


    • Late work is due first thing the next morning and 10% will be taken off the final grade.


    • Any work not turned in first thing the next morning will be given a “0.” Students will use 100% Club to complete any unfinished late work.


    • As stated in the handbook, students who are absent will have one day (per day absent) to make up the work. If it is not made up in this time the homework policy will take effect.


    • Students who turn in all work on time for the week will earn free time during 100% Club.


    • Students will earn a SWAG ticket if their planner is signed each night.