Course Selection Documents

  • Welcome to the Course Selection Page!  Here you will find lots of helpful documents used to make decisions regarding course selection at Donovan High School.  Please contact Ms. Robinson in the Guidance Office if you have any questions.  

    Course Request Forms:  Each class has a request form specific to their grade.  All students received paper copies at school.  Use the following links to obtain additional copies.  Print out the appropriate form and return it completed to the Guidance Office.  

    Donovan High School Course ListingThis document contains a list of all courses offered at DHS.  It also includes the courses available through the Kankakee Area Career Center and Kankakee Community College (Dual Credit).

    Donovan High School Course Descriptions:   This document contains all the course descriptions and course details for the courses offered at Donovan High School.  This also includes course descriptions and program details for all Dual Credit Courses offered through Kankakee Community College.

    KACC Registration Application:  This document is used to register to attend the Kankakee Area Career Center.   The second page also includes course descriptions for all their programs.

    KACC Options and Opportunity Catalog: This catalog describes the details for all the KACC programs.  It includes information on Dual credit opportunities, industry-standard certifications, and additional costs, etc. 

    KCC Dual Credit Registration Form:  This document is used to register for Dual Credit Courses offered through Tri-Point High School and Kankakee Community College.  Students must first apply to KCC to be eligible for Dual Credit courses.  Students must also meet all of KCC's "college readiness" requirements.  See the Dual Credit Course Guide below for details.

    Dual Credit Course Guide:  This document contains specific information abou the Dual Credit Program offered through Tri-Point High School and Kankakee Community College.  This information is repeated in the DHS Course Description document above.