Tree of Knowledge

2020-2021 Donovan Elementary School Improvement

  • This year at Donovan Elementary we will be continuing to improve our school with a Growth Mindset!!! We began the process 2 years ago by doing research and educating teachers and staff on the differences between a fixed mindset in the education field and a growth mindset. Last year we did monthly lessons on the brain being a muscle and the different traits we need in order to accomplish hard tasks. We will continue to study perserverence, grit, endurance, motivation, confidence, and many more. Our main idea is "It's o.k. to work hard and make mistakes. It's o.k. to fail and learn from it." 

     Last year the entire Donovan School District was introduced and taught the "Choose to Be Nice" program. We will continue to discuss a new trait each month. For the month of September we are starting with "RESPECT".  The program is taught through readings, discussions, and projects in the classrooms by the home teacher.  We hope your child embraces these qualities and brings some of the discussion home with them. 

     Our district as a whole is also using a new 3rd-12th online assessment tool from the NWEA company called MAPS. Students will be given the assessment Fall, Winter and Spring. The results will be used to look at individual student needs and our curriculum. Data will also help determine RTI groups. Our K-2nd will continue to do the Aimsweb Plus assessment that we have used for 4 years now. Your child's data will be looked over with you at Parent Teacher Conferences.

    If you have any questions or suggestions about this year's School Improvement, please contact the elementary and Ms. Nicholson or Mrs. Askew would love to talk!!  

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