One Call Now System

One Call Now
  • One Call Now Program Overview

    About One Call Now Communication Service

    One Call Now is an automated parent notification service that allows schools to contact thousands of parents within minutes. Your child’s school has implemented One Call Now to substantially improve its ongoing communication with you. The partnership with One Call Now shows your school’s commitment to you and to your child’s education and safety.

    How One Call Now Benefits You
    One Call Now allows school administrators to keep you updated as quickly and efficiently with personalized messages and helps you, as a parent; stay actively involved in your child’s education.

    One Call Now has the ability to:

    • Reach thousands of parents in moments
    • Send notifications even when school phone lines are down
    • Inform parents the very morning of a child’s absence from school
    • Rapidly deliver first-hand information during a crisis situation both by phone and email 

    How One Call Now Benefits Schools
    One Call Now is the easiest and most-effective solution for schools to quickly and accurately communicate personalized messages to you. Schools across the country are finding new ways to use One Call Now’s communication technology to build stronger relationships. Here are some examples of the ways schools will use One Call Now:

    • Parental and Community Involvement --Reminding Parents of a school fundraiser or Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Student accountability and attendance - -Notifying parents of report cards or student absences
    • Emergency notification and awareness - -Alerting parents of a lockdown situation or unsafe incident
    • Multilingual communication - -Translating a message for non-English speaking parents
    • School safety preparation - -Announcing school closing due to inclement weather


    To remove an existing phone number from your districts call list, please use the following web address:

      Receiving Messages
    You will receive two different types of calls from the schools:

    • Routine notification calls which do not directly affect the safety of students, staff or parents. These calls include upcoming events, delays in school transportation and absenteeism.
    • Emergency notification calls are used during critical incidents where a child, staff member or parent’s safety is in immediate jeopardy.  These calls include lockdowns, evacuations and relocations.

    Importance of Accurate Contact Information
    The most important thing parents can do is verify the accuracy of their contact information. Schools must have updated phone numbers and email addresses for One Call Now to work effectively and efficiently. Call your child’s school during the operating hours to verify your information is correct. You can select up to eight phone numbers for use during an emergency.

    Only authorized administrators on the school and district level may activate the system. One Call Now keeps all of its clients’ information confidential and secure. All data is password protected on secure servers accessible only by school administration.