District Grading Scale Clarification


District Grading Scale Clairification

Clarification is necessary in regards to the change in grading scale. Per the 2018-2019 Junior/Senior High Student Handbook, page 41, the grading scale is now a 10 point scale and includes + and – marks. Further clarification was necessary and approved at the November board meeting.
Grading Scale and Quality Points (used to calculate the GPA):

The grading system (6 – 12) is based on a 4-point scale. Letter grades will be recorded with + or – (plus or minus) marks on the report card, but will be converted to the numeric value for the purpose of calculating the grade-point average, honor roll, and class ranking. INCOMPLETES must be made up within five days of the end of the grading period or the grade shall be recorded as “F” and no credit will be issued. Appeals to the principal for time extensions may result in no more than an additional five days for a total of ten days.

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