End of Year Information

Donovan Jr. Sr. High School Q/A

 When is the last day of school?

            The last day of student attendance for K-12 students will be on Friday, May 15th.

 When is senior graduation?

Our senior class sponsors are working closely with the seniors on a special graduation ceremony.  We are planning for Friday, May 22nd at 6pm for a drive in and parade celebration.  The video of senior graduation will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and emailed to our students the following week.  More information to come.

 When is 8th grade graduation?

The video of the 8th grade graduation will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and emailed to our students on Friday, May 29th. We will be working with 8th graders to safely get them their diplomas and picture taken on Tuesday, May 26th.  More information to come.

 When is the deadline for homework? 

All missing homework is due on Monday, May 18th.  Any student that is not at a “Pass” grade for their academic class our teachers will be available by email and phone through Friday, May 29th to work with students to help raise their grade to a “Pass”.

 What if I’m still an incomplete for a grade after Friday, May 29th?

You will be scored an “incomplete” on your transcript.  You will have until the end of the 1st quarter during the Fall 2020 term to complete all necessary work to earn credit with a “Pass”.  If you don’t submit necessary materials to earn a “Pass” by the end of the 1st quarter you will not receive academic credit and “did not complete” will be put on the transcript.  Will not affect GPA, but will affect graduation if high school students are short credits.

 How and when can I retrieve items from my locker and PE locker?

On Monday, May 4th you may come to the school between 10am to 4pm to pick up your items.  We will have your belongings bagged and will bring them to your car.  Student belongings not pickup up by Friday, May 29th will be donated or thrown away. 

 When do I return my textbooks and chromebook?

Families can return textbooks and chromebooks on our last student attendance day Friday, May 15th from 10:00-4:00 pm or Monday, May 18th from 10:00-4:00 pm.

 When is the last day for Meal pickup?

Monday, May 18th will be the last meal distribution from 11:00 am to Noon.

 IHSA & IESA Sports Update

IHSA & IESA have announced that all spring sports and tournaments for junior high and high school have been canceled.  In addition, IHSA has announced that summer contact days (camps, practices, leagues, etc.) have been postponed and are not allowed in June and July.