8th Grade Graduation Instructions

Good Afternoon,

  • Your child's graduation time is: (Please see the schedule that was e-mailed to you and/or your child.)
  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled time, so we can try to stay on schedule.
  • When you arrive at the school you will need to remain in your car.  Someone will come out to greet you and your graduate and escort you into the gym.
  • Four adult guardians/parents will be allowed to enter the building with the graduate.
  • Everyone must be wearing a mask at all times.
  • Graduates will be able to remove their masks to walk across the stage and receive their diploma.
  • We will be recording this LIVE as the graduate's name is being called and walking across the stage...feel free to applaud and cheer on your graduate just as you would normally!!! We are all proud of them! 🤩
  • After walking across the stage the student will get their picture taken with their diploma.  They may have 2 photos taken...one with and one without their mask if they want to have it both ways.
  • The graduate and family must immediately exit the building so we can escort the next student into the gym.

If you have any questions, please email me!! I will do my best to get you an answer. I am so excited to honor your children's accomplishments, as best as we can, during this pandemic!


Mrs. Siedentop