Donovan Jr. Sr. High School Media Center Press Release

October 18th, 2021 Press Release


Donovan Jr. Sr. High School held its official ribbon cutting ceremony marking the grand opening of the new media center. The traditional library was transformed into a 21st century learning space that now serves as the school’s main learning center and focal point for all students and teachers. The room is multifunctional and meets the needs of all learners and has equipment including but not limited to: four 65 inch TVs, 86 inch TV with theater seating, movable tables and chairs, white board counter tops that can be written on, virtual reality goggles, machines and programmable robots, five high speed gaming computers, four movable 8 foot vertical white boards, and much more.


The new 21st century media center has multiple uses which include:

-Adjustable furniture to easily setup classroom debates and other classroom configurations

-86 inch TV serves as main focal point for teachers to utilize and is viewable throughout the room

- Student laptop access to four learning stations each with 65 inch TVs with Audio headsets and HDMI

-E-Sports, staff meetings, board meetings, professional development, and incentive room for school district


Included in the ribbon cutting photo from left to right is: Andy Jordan Principal, Justin Lareau Maintenance Director, Kelly Siedentop English Teacher, Dalton Anderson Senior Class President, Angela Moos Science Teacher, Michele Gray Math Teacher, Toni Ponton Science Teacher, Jewel Legan Technology Director, and Frank Petkunas ROE Assistant Superintendent. We would also like to thank all the Donovan School Board Members and Donovan Superintendent Toby Coates for their full support of the project

media center media center 2